Tips To Keep Car Cool In Summer

Tips To Keep Car Cool In Summer


Summer is the season where the temperature goes to above 40 degrees and coming out of houses in summers becomes a big deal.If you use car then these tips will definitely help you to beat the heat of your car.

Keep windows open a little bit

van window open

If you park your car in open place such as outside parking spots,outside of your houses so make sure you must roll down the windows upto 2-3 inches.This process will does not allow heat to stay in your car.

Door opening and closing method

This method might look strange but this method is also very effective keep opening and closing the door for few seconds and in this process the heat inside the car will be pushed out 
and after that you sit in your car and turn on the AC at minimum temperature.

Keep your car ac serviced

service your car and its ac at time and make sure everything runs fine and this will help you to cool the cabin properly during summer season.

Park in Shade

car in shade

This method is the easiest one if you find a place where there is some shade in this method the temperature inside the car/cabin will be normal and also make sure you should leave the windows slightly open upto 2-3 inches in which no one can put his hands to unlock the car.

Use sunshade/visors

car sun shade

Sunshades and door visors are best accessory to keep your vehicle cool inside and these products are easily available at car accessory shops one should always use sunshade or visor if your have parked your vehicle in contact of sunlight.

Before Driving

If you drive your car which is heated from inside make sure you open all the windows and use your ac at full blast and after doing this roll up the windows if the interior becomes normal.

Keep following these steps for better driving in summer "Tips To Keep Car Cool In Summer"

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