What to do if brakes fail in car while driving

Things to do if your car brakes are failed

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Imagine if you are driving in highway or road in good speed and wanted to decrease the speed and you will press the brake pedal and you notice that car brakes are not working.So here are some life saving tips for you to stop your car brakes fail.

1.Remove your foot from accelerator-

Accelerating in this type of situation is the main invitation for accidents so please make sure do not accelerate/increase speed of the vehicle and press the brake pedal firmly.

2.Do not use handbrake in high speeds-

Person using handbrake

Do not ever use handbrake in high speeds if your brakes are not working,using handbrake will make the vehicle out of control in which you can't control the vehicle and it can also rollover your vehicle.

3.Put your car in lower gear

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Putting car from higher to lower gear decreases the speed of car by doing so you can also stop the vehicle by downshifting in this process the speed of car will decrease gradually and comes under our control and also keep pressing the brake pedal.

4.Do not turn off the car engine 

Well in this condition people think that turning off the engine will be very helpful but this is wrong.Turning off the engine usually decrease the speed but the steering can get locked and the vehicle will go out of our hands and can even cause deadly accident,so make sure don't do this thing.

5.Drag your car in something

If your car doesn't stop there is another way,try to drag your car in side of wall,curb or along a barrier,this thing can damage your vehicle from side but your vehicle will slow down you can also drive in straight line on offroad or mud and do not turn your vehicle this can flip your vehicle.

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1.Remove your foot from accelerator

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