5 Small and weird cars of in India

                Small and weird cars of india

The indian automotive industry is the fourth largest in the world and India has all categories of cars like hatchback,compact sedans,suv and mpvs but there are some cars which we haven't heard about them but some manufacturers tried to make them.

Sipani Badal

Sipani Badal front

Sipani Badal was the most unsual car of india and the special thing about this car is it's 3 wheels but this is not the car which was driven by Mr Bean and it was India's first three wheeled car we usually see 3 auto rickshaws which has 3 wheels but not a car and it's engine was in rear.The badal was powered by 194 cc single cylinder 2 stroke petrol engine mated with a 4 speed manual transmission.

HM Veer

Hm veer

Hm Veer was the ambassador's pickup version and it was built on the same platform of the hindustan ambassador.Veer was launched in august 2011 it was available with diesel and cng engine options.

Reva I

Reva I

Reva I was the India's first electric car and was launched in 2000 it was made by maini which was bangalore base company owner by Mahindra.This car was powered by 6.4 hp Dc motor and later on 2007 its motor was changed to ac motor which was producing 17 hp of power and the Reva was replaced by mahindra E20 electric hatchback.

Rajah Creeper

rajah creeper

Rajah Creeper was a 2 seater car it was first revealed at Delhi autoexpo  2012.It was powered by 800 cc 3 cylinder petrol engine and it's expected price was from 1.75 lakhs and this car's launching was cancelled because of some issues.

Bajaj Qute

Bajaj Qute was recently launched in 2019 this car was launched by a 2 wheeler manufacturer Bajaj.Qute's body was made from fiber and it was powered by 216cc  4 stroke single cylinder engine it was available with both petrol and diesel engines

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