tips to get good mileage in car

           Tips to get good mileage from car   

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In our country prices of fuel are touching sky and there is no hope of decreasing of the fuel prices and majority of people want that their cars should extract good mileage.So here are the 5 tips in which you can get good mileage from your car

1.Avoid keeping unnecessary load

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Keeping unnecessary load increases weight and weight is the worst enemy of cars in terms of mileage.Remove those stuff which are not necessary to keep in the car and this will reduce the weight of car which will ensure you can get better mileage.

2.Keeping your car properly serviced

Servicing car on time increases the life of engine and usage of manufacturer recommended oil is crucial and another very important part of engine is air filter because it ensures that the engine runs good and extract good fuel efficiency whenever your car requires service make sure you ask about check air filter also.

3.Avoiding long Idling

Avoid those situations when car is idling more than a minute and idling consumes more fuel than running.Keep your car engine off where you have to idle for more than a minute.

4.Keeping Windows Up

 Closing the car windows will help the car maintain the best aerodynamics and hence reducing the unnecessary drag. A/C would surely consume more fuel but that would somehow come close to the fuel wastage due to the wind drag. Also, there would be noise reduction with windows closed.

5.Driving Effieciently
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The habit of driving also matters here so try not to go above 85-100 km/h on highway and also keep foot lightly on the accelerator and drive at maximum gear in high speed.

So keep following these steps to get good mileage.

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