Tips for protecting car from holi colours

                                            Tips for protecting car from holi colours

We all know that holi is a festival of colours.We usually get prepared before playing holi with oils and creams similarly cars should also get this treatment.If you park your vehicles/cars outside to your homes then these tips will definitely help you to protect your car from colours.

                                                protecting car from holi colours

                                                            Paint protection  

Before the festival of holi arrives make sure you must wax polish your vehicle because wax forms a protective layer on the car paint in which stains of colours not stick to it.

                                                           Interior protection

This is the time in which we should cover dashboard with big plastic bags
door pads,door handles and steering all should be covered carefully.Place waste newspapers on car carpets and polish the dashboard with oil based polish.

                                                            How to clean car after holi

  1. Wash car with car washing soap or shampoo and after washing the car dry the car with microfibre cloth.
      2. You can take cotton ball applied with nail polish remover to remove the colour spots.With vinegar or lemon juice apply in the seats  and leave it for half an hour and then take light wet sponge and clean the seat and after cleaning dry the seats with clean towel.

     3.After cleaning the inside the car make sure you open all doors and windows of your car for quick dry.

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