These problems will happen to your vehicle if they are not serviced

                           Some problems can happen to your vehicle if they are not serviced

Keeping a vehicle serviced is really very important for proper and smooth running of vehicles.If they are not serviced at time or because of service due vehicles can cause problems some problems.In this blog i will tell you about the major problems of service due/not servicing of vehicles.

  1. Breakdowns of engines:If your car/bike is not serviced for ex(its engine oil or air filters)are not changed their engine will breakdown because of burned or defficiency of engine oil.In this case vehicles throw big amount of smoke when engine oil is no more.
      2.Impact on life of vehicles-Servicing your car properly helps to increase its life.But if they are not serviced at a given time period your vehicle looses its age if not maintained properly.

      3.Increase of smoke/pollution-Sometimes improper maintenance  of vehicles causes high emissions  and smoking of vehicles.Servicing ensures that the engine and exhaust are working correctly.

     4.Poor mileage and performance-Fuel efficiency reduces if vehicles are not maintained properly that is because of aged tyres and not working of engine correctly.

    5.Causes damage to parts-When vehicle is given to service the service guy examines the whole  vehicle to check whether any part is damaged he changes the part with new one which will ensure correct running of vehicle.If proper service is not done and faulty parts are not changed then the vehicle can make a whole in your pockets.

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